Parish News

Brian Keeler

It is with great sadness that Bishopsbourne Parish Council heard of the death of Brian Keeler who sadly died at his care home in Bridge this week. 

He had lived for many years at Charlton Park and was a valued member of the community.



IT’S BEEN AN UPHILL BATTLE, BUT BT HAVE FINALLY GOT THERE… A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in efforts over the last 10 years or so (feels like 20), with the support of George Chandler (not sure whether he has any hair left) and some key people in the village we’re on the cusp of hitting the fibre generation with a bang. What a year to finally get there, 2020 and Bishopsbourne has gone from copper to FTTP (platinum standard) in one swoop – happy days! Let’s hope this is rolled out to the surrounding villages in the not too distant future.

*this notification was received by an existing BT customer, not all premises will be eligible, so please check with your own service provider