Parish News


Dear River Group members

Please find attached the latest graph of the water level in the indicative borehole for the Nailbourne.

You will note that the water levels are rising fast and are in parallel of those of the flood year 2014.

The Vice-Chairman, Alan Atkinson, and I met with the agencies again yesterday and all is in hand should flooding occur this year. The prediction continues to be flow not flood.

CCC has been checking sandbag stores but you might wish to do so yourselves and to urge your vulnerable householders to be prepared.

Next Saturday from 9.30am to 11am we will be displaying a selection of sandbag alternatives in the pavilion at Bekesbourne Recreation Ground, Old Palace Road CT4 5BU – these are lightweight versions which swell when exposed to water. They are much easier to handle than the traditional sand-filled bags. However, householders will need to purchase them for themselves.

Here are the costs of alternative sandbags. If you buy online as I have done there will be transport costs on top. I am looking out for local suppliers.

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From memory a sand-filled bag is about £3. These are different shapes and sizes – you will need to come and see them to find out more.

The forecast is for light rain for most of the coming week followed by a dry week. However you will be aware that the aquifer responds to rainfall circa six weeks after it falls so it is the rainfall that we had in November that is currently calling the tune.

On Tuesday a group of Highway engineers will be visiting the vulnerable road sites in the valley to check what needs to be done to keep the highways open should a flood occur.

Bridge church will be used as the liaison place for the agencies should flooding occur.

If you are concerned or have any queries please contact me. 01227 832573

Jill Thomas
Sec, Little Stour & Nailbourne River Management Group