Minutes 7th January 2020

A Meeting of Bishopsbourne Parish Council was held at the Conrad Hall on Tuesday, 7th January 2020 at 7.30pm. Present: Cllr R Prestige – Chairman, Cllr H Andrews, Cllr K Martin, Cllr D Tapley & Mrs V McWilliams – Clerk.

There were five members of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed everyone after which he asked for comments from the public.


There were none.


County Cllr Michael Northey recommend reading KCC’s 5 Year Plan consultation document (PDF, 678.4 KB) before responding to the consultation questionnaire. The closing date for the questionnaire is 17th February 2020.

They would also like to hear your views on: how well the 7 draft outcomes reflect what is important to your quality of life; how well the draft objectives will help deliver each of these outcomes.

Although the county council is not the local planning authority, it has a key role to play in the delivery of affordable housing. This is typically true in larger planning applications for housing where the development viability assessment, which examines the financial deliverability of the scheme, dictates how much infrastructure can be delivered. This includes roads, education, health provision as well as the amount of affordable housing.

It will be vital that the committee considers a range of fresh evidence from a wide array of sources but also that it takes into account the research and academic work that has already been undertaken in this area.

To help the Select Committee gather as many views on this important issue as possible, KCC would welcome any written submissions about Affordable Housing. If you would like to send information for the Select Committee to consider, email select.committee@kent.gov.uk by Sunday, 26 January. Once the Select Committee has developed recommendations, these will be presented in a report that will be considered at a full county council meeting.

He went on to say that fly tipping is now a major concern all over the country. It is a criminal offence which can carry an unlimited fine or a 5-year prison sentence and should not be considered as an alternative to paying to dispose of your waste legally. KCC understand that making charges to our services raises concerns about the potential increase of fly-tipping. However, there is no clear evidence from other councils who charge for waste disposal that shows there is a link between charging at HWRCs and fly-tipping.

City Cllr Mike Sole reported that with rising water tables along the Elham Valley it is now like16ly that we will see the Nailbourne flow this year. I was in touch with the Environment Agency last year to make sure that the riverbed and culverts were clear so hopefully we will see flow rather than flood. It would however be prudent for relevant parish councils to review their emergency flood procedures and check up on emergency contacts and sandbag supplies.

Between Christmas and New Year, I joined Kingston Parish Councillor Laura Spencer on a litter pick. In just under three hours, we collected a horrifying seven full bags of rubbish between the top of Bonny Bush Hill and The Black Robin. As it was only a year since the last litter pick this was particularly concerning. Plastic bottles, food packaging, drink cans and glass bottles, all of which must have been thrown from vehicles made up the bulk of the rubbish.

The City Council are currently looking at options for building new £12m council offices. Regardless of the merits of alternative sites, I have yet to be convinced that this is a sensible financial project compared with refurbishment of the existing building. Whilst any new offices should be carbon neutral once built, the carbon footprint of the initial build will be significant.

Finally, the recent heavy rains that caused the Stour to burst its banks in many places, flooding areas around the Hambrook Marshes, must bring into question the City Council’s desire to extend the Wincheap Park & Ride onto the water meadows behind B&M Bargains. I believe that it is imperative for other options to be considered to provide additional car parking spaces that does not require building in this location.


Cllr L Jordan sent apologies due to a work commitment.

  1. 2. MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5th November 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Martin; seconded by Cllr Prestige


No notification by members was given of any pecuniary or personal interest in items on the Agenda.

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES (not on the agenda)

Cllr Martin along with Roger Martin were thanked for doing a splendid job in refurbishing the signpost at the bottom of The Street. The Council were extremely grateful.

There were no other matters arising from the previous minutes.


Lloyds Bank £13,560.65 (November 2019)

Monies out

Val McWilliams Clerk Salary £210.00 +office maintenance £80.00 plus £95 IT Maintenance Contract (already paid by V McWilliams in November) Total £385.00

Conrad Hall Hire Charge £130.00

Total £515.00

Following a request from the Chairman of the Village Hall committee it was unanimously agreed to pay an annual fee of £130.00 for hire of the hall for council meetings. Proposed by Cllr Martin; seconded by Cllr Tapley

A request for a Precept of £7,500 for 2020 has been submitted to CCC by the Clerk

The Clerk confirmed that we would be receiving £1949.10 Concurrent Financial Funding for 2020-21. This is the last payment of the four-year agreement with CCC..

  1. 6. PLANNING

There were no planning applications


The drains at the bottom of Frog Lane and Crows Camp Road are blocked again. The Clerk has reported it to Highways


The moles are back and are currently being treated by the Pest Control.

We are still waiting for the fence to be repaired; it is promised for this week.


The commercial waste bin outside the Mermaid has not been emptied, Cllr Mike Sole offered to chase SERCO.

The new waste bin by the church yard has still not been installed. The Clerk will chase.

Cllr Prestige will speak to the landowner with regard to placing a waste bin by the entrance to the shop and Tadpoles cafe


Cllr Jordan is still progressing with the new website She has agreed to give the Clerk a lesson in how to operate the site.


Field Work

Countryside Voices

 EMAILS sent to all

Mike Sole Report

KALC Bulletin


Little Stour & Nailbourne Management Group

Letter Chairman of Village Hall Society


Cllr Prestige – Environmental Issues – Moles treated

Cllr Jordan –   Website The website is now been installed and is working.

Cllr Andrews – KALC-  Nothing to report

Cllr Tapley. – Footpaths, Village Society Representative.

Councillor Andrews agreed to be the Council’s Representative with KALC. The Clerk will let KALC know.


The Clerk reported that both the notice boards were in need of serious attention. Cllr Tapley knew of someone who might repair them, she will ask him to contact the Clerk.

The Flood Warden raised the issue of sandbags now that the Nailbourne was flowing. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact CCC and enquire how quickly they could get them delivered should we get any flooding.


Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 in The Conrad Hall

The meeting closed at 8.30pm