Minutes 5th November 2019

A Meeting of Bishopsbourne Parish Council was held at the Conrad Hall on Tuesday, 5th November2019 at 7.30pm. Present: Cllr R Prestige – Chairman, Cllr L Jordan, Cllr K Martin & Mrs V McWilliams – Clerk.

There were four members of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting after which he asked for any comments from the public.


There were no comments from the public.


County Cllr Michael Northey was unable to attend the meeting as he was on annual leaved. He had nothing to report.

City Cllr Mike Sole attended and reported the following:

I receive a lot of correspondence from residents in across the ward about bin collections so I recently spent time with a Serco crew emptying bins in Bridge so that I could see for myself the issues that the operatives face when collecting our rubbish. This was a very interesting and informative experience.

I have also spent time in Bridge with KCC and City Council transportation officers to review parking restrictions and other issues such as dropped kerbs and the re-marking of white lines.

I have asked the city council if they would install some temporary covert cameras in fly-tipping hotspots in the Womenswold Parish.

With lorries continuing to park up in unofficial lay-bys I have asked the City Council for a progress report on the Swale Borough Council lorry park proposals at Brenley Corner and also attended a meeting with Barham Parish Council and Kingston Parish Council with Gomez at Highland Court to discuss how to reduce the number of lorries driving down the Elham Valley.

Finally, on Saturday 16 November the City Council is hosting a parish workshop from 9:30am to 1pm at Canterbury College. All parish councillors are invited to join the city councillors that represent the rural wards at this event. Details have been distributed to all clerks. The rural forum meeting on 11 November is therefore cancelled.


County Cllr Michael Northey sent his apologies as he was on holiday. Cllr D Tapley sent her apologies as she had a work commitment. Cllr Andrews sent belated apologies as she had confused the date of the meeting. Malcolm Mitchell also sent his apologies.


The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Martin; seconded by Cllr Jordan


No notification by members was given of any pecuniary or personal interest in items on the Agenda

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES (not on the agenda)

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


Lloyds Bank £14,455.31 (September) 

Monies In

HMRC VAT Refund £719.88 

Monies out

Val McWilliams Clerk Salary £210.00 +office maintenance £80.00 +£10.00|Total £300.00

AJL Garden Services £610.00 Grass cutting x 4 cuts £480.00 & Hedge cutting £130.00

Total £610.00

Total £910.00

PAID 8th October 2019:

Wicksteed Leisure Swing seats (£358.05 + VAT £71.61) Total £429.66

Paid 16th October 2019

Pest Control £92.00

Overall expenditure £1,431.66

The Clerk presented the Budget figures and copy of the Accounts to Council in order to set the Precept for 2019/2020.


YEAR 2018-2019
10/04/2018 Precept + Grant £6,325.50
HMRC VAT return
21/05/2018 CCF Paid in error RETURNED £1,120.00
21/05/2018 Capital Grant (Defib) £1,896.64
02/08/2018 Collection from Maid for Defibrillator £175.00
Total Income £9,517.14
Total £17,033.37
less payments £8,470.74
Uncleared cheques £68.00
Balance per cash book £8,630.63
Balance as per statement £8,630.63


In 2019 we received a Precept of £7,000.00 plus Concurrent Funding of £1,881 making it a total £8,881. The accounts are currently in a healthy state. In view of this Councillors felt the we should increase the precept to £7,500 for £2020. All in agreement.

Proposed by Cllr Martin and seconded by Cllr Jordan.

  1. 6. PLANNING

19/01416 Change of use of building from Agricultural use of 3 no workshops and a storeroom and side extension to the existing tearoom. Court Lodge Farm, Frog Lane, CT4 5HU. Granted

19/01398 Proposed retention of existing polytunnels, Middle Pett Farm, Pett Bottom Road, Bishopsbourne. Granted

  1. NEAME MEADOW The broken fence has still not been repaired. However, the Clerk has found someone to do the repairs. The work should start early next week.

The 2 Bay Swing – 2 Junior, 2 Toddler Seat

These 4 seats have now been replaced by Wicksteed and are now back in full working order. The cost was £330.00. To save labour costs it was agreed to install them ourselves. The Chairman and A resident kindly fitted them. The Clerk has written to ROSPA and complained as the damaged seats were not picked up by the ROSPA safety inspection.

The moles have been treated from Neame Meadow, two were trapped and there is no further evidence of them.


The drains around Frog Lane have now been cleaned out.

The four bases of traffic cones left by the bridge have still not been removed. The Clerk will chase Highways.

Cllr Prestige reminded all to check the salt bins near them. KCC are due to refill later this month.


Canterbury City Council have now supplied another waste bin to replace the one that was stolen. The Clerk and Chair met with CCC and Serco who have agreed to cement the new one into the ground on the right-hand side of the church yard


Cllr Jordan reported that work was progressing well with the new website She has agreed to give the Clerk a lesson in how to operate the site.


KALC Annual Report

KALC News –

KALC AGM Saturday 30th November


EMAILS sent to all

Chief Executive Bulletin

KALC Comment from Chairman Robin Treacher

Came & Company

Budget Consultation “Have your say”

KCC Public Protection

KCC Trading Standards

Finance Independent Review

KALC Newsletter

Chief Executive Bulletin

Canterbury District Local Plan

Report – Mike Sole


Councillor’s discussed the distribution of Councillors responsibilities following the Election

 Cllr Prestige – Environmental Issues – Moles treated

Cllr Jordan – Website The website is now been installed and is wo9rking.

Cllr Andrews – KALC-  Nothing to report

Cllr Tapley. – Footpaths, Village Society Representative.

 These responsibilities will be confirmed at the next meeting


It has not been possible to find anyone, yet, to refurbish the road sign at the end of The Street.

Cllr Prestige is looking into finding someone to repair the noticeboards.

City Cllr Sole reported that CCC are looking into charging for disposing of green bin waste. Cllr Prestige suggested that we might be able to arrange for a compost area to be built on the allotments in The Street. It will be discussed at the next meeting.


The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 7th, at 7.30pm in The Conrad Hall

The meeting closed at 8.15pm