Minutes 3rd September 2019

A Meeting of Bishopsbourne Parish Council was held at the Conrad Hall on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019 at 7.30pm.

Present:  Cllr R Prestige – Chairman, Cllr L Jordan, Cllr H Andrews, Cllr K Martin, Cllr D Tapley & Mrs V McWilliams – Clerk.

There were five members of the public present.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting after which he asked for any comments from the public.


There were no comments from the public.


County Cllr Michael Northey was unable to attend due to a prior commitment

He had nothing to report.

City Cllr Mike Sole attended and reported the following:

After several residents raised with me the issue of foreign lorries and coaches driving on the wrong side of the road after exiting the A2 slip road at Bishopsbourne I am pleased to be able to let you know that action will be taken. It has been agreed that large white arrows will be painted on the road within the next two months to remind drivers to drive on the left.

The City Council has now agreed to declare a climate emergency and I am one of the councillors on the working group that meets for the first time this month to drive this forward. At the last Rural Forum meeting, where residents and councillors can come together to discuss issues, I asked that earlier notice be given to items to be discussed and I am pleased that this has happened. At the next meeting on 16 September Stagecoach will be represented and there will also be details about a seminar about Parish Council Engagement.


County Cllr Michael Northey sent his apologies as he had a prior engagement.


The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Jordan seconded by Cllr Andrews


No notification by members was given of any pecuniary or personal interest in items on the Agenda

  1. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES (not on the agenda)

There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.


Lloyds Bank £15,503.90

Monies out

Val McWilliams Clerk Salary £210.00 +Office maintenance £80.00 +Stamps £29.28 Total £319.28

PAID 14 August 2019:

ACRK Subscription £52.00

AJL Garden Services £240.00 (Cleared before latest bank statement).

CCC Election Invoice £64.99 (Cleared before latest bank statement).

ROSPA Play Inspection (£68.50 +VAT £13.70) Total £82.20

Total £356.99

Overall expenditure £676.27

These payments were approved by council proposed be Cllr Jordan; seconded by Cllr Tapley.

Acceptance of the New Financial Regulations and Standing Orders was approved by all.

It was agreed by all to adopt The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

Proposed by Cllr Jordan & seconded by Cllr Andrews.

  1. 6. PLANNING

19/01416 Change of use of building from Agricultural use of 3 no workshops and a storeroom and side extension to the existing tearoom. Court Lodge Farm, Frog Lane, CT4 5HU. Councillors fully supported the plans.The Clerk will inform the Planning Department at Canterbury City Council.

19/01398 Proposed retention of existing polytunnels, Middle Pett Farm, Pett Bottom Road, Bishopsbourne. There were no objections. The Clerk will write to the Planning Department at CCC.


The promised new bin for Neame Meadow has now been installed and the two old ones removed.  The broken fence has still not been repaired. The Clerk will look for a new contractor to repair it.

The 2 Bay Swing – 2 Junior, 2 Toddler Seat has been reported as broken. The Chair and Clerk have inspected them and taken them out of use. It was agreed by all to replace all four seats from Wicksteed at a cost of £330.00. To save labour costs it was agreed to fit them ourselves. The damage was not picked up following the recent ROSPA inspection.

The Clerk will write to ROSPA and complain.


Cllr Prestige reported that the drains in Frog Lane needed clearing again. The Clerk will arrange for it to be done. The white lines at the top of Frog Lane along with the ones at the end of Coldharbour Lane where they meet with Bonny Bush Hill are booked to be refreshed.


Canterbury City Council have now supplied the new waste bins Unfortunately, the one placed in front of the Churchyard has been stolen. The Canterbury City Council are looking to replace it, but we will have to arrange to get it anchored down before it can be reinstated.


Cllr Jordan reported that work was progressing with the new website. We still have not received an invoice. However, it was agreed unanimously to pay it straight away once we receive it as it is such a small company,


Field Work Summer 2019

Countryside Voice Summer 2019

Emails sent to all

07/08   KALC The Public Sector Bodies Web Accessibility Regulations 2018

07/08   KALC KCC Unusual Credit Scam Alert

09/08   NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin

10/08   CPRE Green Clean

12/08   KALC Summer Newsletter 2019 Annual Policy Survey Edition

15/08   CCC   Electoral Services

16/08   NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin

19/08   KALC News (August 2019)

19/08   KALC Draft Kent and Medway Housing Strategy

20/08   KALC Four opportunities to have your say on Children’s Services, Diabetes

website, Cancer Services and asthma

20/08   KALC Recycle Week partner material goes live!

29/08/2019 Independent Review of Local Government Audit

29/08/2019 Share your opinion on building stronger communities

29/08/2019 Local Government Brexit Funding Announcements


It was agreed to update Councillors responsibilities at the next meeting.


It has not been possible to find anyone as yet to refurbish the road sign at the end of The Street. Cllr Prestige is looking into finding someone to repair the noticeboard.


The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 5th, at 7.30pm in The Conrad Hall

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.