Minutes 2nd July 2019

A Meeting of Bishopsbourne Parish Council was held at the Conrad Hall on Tuesday, 2nd July 2019 at 7.30pm.

Present:  Cllr R Prestige – Chairman, Cllr L Jordan, Cllr H Andrews & Mrs V McWilliams – Clerk.

There were four members of the public present

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting after which he asked for any comments from the public.


Roger Martin attended the meeting and the Chairman introduced and thanked him for taking on the responsibility of Flood Warden for the parish. The clerk will let Southern Water know that he is the new Flood Warden.


Cllr Michael Northey attended the meeting and reminded Councilors of the Kent County Show starting on 5th July 2019.

Kent County Council are introducing a plan to preserve Kent’s bees. As part of the council’s “Plan Bee”, there will be a review on the use of pesticides, grass-cutting schedules and opportunities to “green” buildings to be more pollinator friendly. KCC will also encourage communities to introduce pollinator habitats and educate people on the importance of these tiny residents. All information is available on the website

On the 24 Jun 2019 – The Kent Biodiversity Strategy consultation was launched which aims to ensure the county’s natural environment regains and retains good health.
Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, in all its forms, and the interactions between them – it is the wide range of living things and the habitats they rely on. Biodiversity does not just concern rare or endangered species and habitats, everything, even the most commonplace, has an important role in the wider ecosystem and the processes they support. The abundance of a species is also crucial in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Kent has a wonderfully rich and varied biodiversity. More information is available on the KCC website


Cllr Martin & Cllr Tapley sent apologies due to previous engagements. Cllr Mike Sole sent his apologies as he had a City Council meeting.


The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21st May 2019 were approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Jordan seconded by Cllr Andrews,


No notification by members was given of any pecuniary or personal interest in items on the Agenda


It was agreed to support Cllr Tapley being our representative on the Village Hall committee despite the fact that she might not be able to attend all the meetings due to work commitments.


Lloyds Bank £15,986.48

Monies in

Concurrent Funding £1,881.95

Monies out

Val McWilliams Clerk Salary £210.00 +Office maintenance £80.00 Total £290.00

Plus, Toner Cartridge (£25.08 +VAT £5.02 Total £30.10

TOTAL £320.10

AJL Garden Services 3 cuts plus Church Yard £360.00

We overpaid him last year so only due £240.00

TOTAL £560.10

These payments were approved by council proposed be Cllr Jordan; seconded by Cllr Andrews.

The Clerk reported that she had put in a VAT return claim for £397.93.

The External Auditor has accepted the Council’s Certificate of Exemption.

  1. 6. PLANNING

There were none.


The broken fencing running along Neame Meadow has still not been repaired. The Clerk will chase Jamie Cole again and ask him to get back with a quote to repair it.

The inspection of the play area will take place early July.

CCC have still not installed the promised new bin for Neame Meadow or removed the two existing ones. The Clerk will chase again.


The Clerk has contacted CCC regarding the new bin, they have agreed to place it by the tree in front of the church. They will be responsible for emptying and maintaining it Sadly, it still has not been put in place. The Clerk will chase CCC.


Cllr Jordan reported that work was progressing with the new website. The Clerk will send all the legal documents and minutes to Cllr Jordan.


Emails sent to all

30/05:  KALC Website Survey

30/05:  KCC Public Protection – holiday booking scam

03/06:  NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin

05/06:  KALC Scams awareness (already forwarded)

06/06:  NALC Newsletter

07/06:  KALC Updated flyer- Dynamic Councillor courses

08/06:  CPRE Campaigns

10/06:  NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin

13/06:  KALC NATIONAL CSSC Green Message (HMRC Scam)

14/06:  NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin

20/06:  KCC Public Protection – Doorstep Crime – roofing scam

21/06:  KALC News June 2019

21/06:  NALC Chief Executive’s Bulletin


There was nothing to report on responsibilities. It was agreed to leave distribution of Councillors’ responsibilities until the next meeting in September as we were two councillors short.


KCC have now cleared drains. The Chairman assured KCC that the Parish Council kept a close eye on all the drains to made sure they were regularly cleaned out.

Cllr Andrews reported that she had been approached by local residents regarding the state of the trees between Conrad Hall and the Old Forge. The Clerk will write to the landowner and ask if she would get them assessed by a tree surgeon as there was concern that some of them were in danger of falling down.

Cllr Andrews expressed interest in attending one of KALC training sessions for new councillors. The Clerk will look into a suitable course and get back to her.

County Cllr Northey reported that George Chandler had told him that things were moving again with fast broadband. He will try and find out more and report back.

It has not ben possible to find anyone to refurbish the road sign at the end of The Street.

Cllr Andrews offered to look for someone and get a quote.

  1. NEXT MEETING The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 3, at 7.30pm in The Conrad Hall

The meeting closed at 7.55pm.