Minutes 15th January 2019

A Meeting of Bishopsbourne Parish Council was held at the Conrad Hall on Tuesday, 15th January 2019 at 7.30pm.

Present:  Cllr R Prestige – Chairman, Cllr N Rooke, Vice-Chairman, Cllr L Jordan, Cllr D Tapley, Mrs V McWilliams – Clerk.

There were 2 members of the public present. The Chairman welcomed everyone invited comments from the public (there were none).


County Cllr Michael Northey reported that KCC were putting additional resources and recruiting more drainage engineers to help ensure that the 250,000 drains are kept as clear as possible.

The Cabinet Minister Mike Whiting has asked for a special programme of work set up in the coming 12 months specifically to clear footpaths of overgrowth and other incursions, especially from mud and earth from adjacent banks. This should help wheelchair, push chair users or mobility scooters to navigate paths safely. The work will also highlight areas that are in need of repair.

More Highway Inspectors will be employed in the coming months to ensure that repairs to Highways are done to a high standard. This is particularly important because of the welcomed increased budget secured for Highways.

KCC has been successful in gaining £29m in a one-off grant funding from the Government to assist in preparing Kent’s roads for a no-deal Brexit. This will include A20,

A299, A256 and A25.

New pothole blitz contracts are being awarded. Weekly potholes and patching reports are being resumed from January 1st.

The Waste Transfer Stations were running to capacity last week as bin collections were delayed due to the Christmas break. It is hoped that things will get back to normal by the beginning of next week.

The Department for Transport carried out test runs with approximately 100 HGV’s on 7th January from Manson Airport to Dover. KCC are awaiting feedback from Highways England, Kent Police and their own officers.

City Cllr Simon Cook stated that the Planning Committee meeting that will deal with the Highland Court application is likely to be on the 5th February, although this is not yet confirmed. The speaking rules will be the same as for any other planning application – that is, up to three speakers for, three against and the parish council. In this case the parish council slot would fall to Bekesbourne with Patrixbourne as that is where the development is.

However, the application was unusual as it has an impact across several parish borders. It is also very unusual that is so close to the borders of so many parishes. He said “the question really was do parishes other than Bekesbourne with Patrixbourne wish to speak at the meeting? If so, would you prefer one single slot as a “united parishes” voice? Or in the case that Bekesbourne with Patrixbourne wish to use the slot that they’re entitled to, would the other parishes who want to speak, like one of the for/against slots for a “surrounding parishes” voice.”

Cllr Cook stated that as the notice for collection of Garden Waste over the winter months was published so late and people still had full bins he was trying to negotiate that all green bins would be emptied during the last two weeks of February ready for when gardening recommenced in the Spring


There were no apologies of absence.


The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th November2018 were approved and signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Rooke seconded by Cllr Tapley.


Cllr Rooke declared a Discretionary Interest in Item 6, (Highland Court Development)

There were no other notifications given by members of any discretionary or personal interest in items on the Agenda


There were no matters arising.


Lloyds Bank £9,493.00

Monies out

Val McWilliams Clerks Salary (2 months November/December) x 20hrs at £10.50 = £210.00 + 0ffice maintenance £80 plus Stationary £10.50 & stamps £23.30 Total £323.80

RDR Pest Control £68.00

TOTAL £391.80

These figures were approved by the Council; proposed by Cllr Jordan, seconded by Cllr Rooke.

The Clerk reported that the Precept of £7,000.00 along with the CFF allowance of £1,881.95 would be received from CCC at the beginning of April 2019.


CA/18/01948 Highland Court Development Proposal Update

Following City Cllr Cook’s statement Councillors felt it would make sense for neighbouring parishes to join forces to represent a united front. Bridge Parish Council has offered to speak as ”one voice” if other parishes agree. Bishopsbourne were in agreement with this provided that they were expressing the same comments as their own.

The Clerk will write to Bekesbourne with Patrixbourne and get their thoughts as to how they would like to go forward.  She will then write to Bridge Parish Council expressing the interest of Bishopsbourne on condition that they are representing the same views as our own.

18/02183 Variation condition o2 (drawings) of planning permission

CA/18/01199 To allow for a self- supporting structure. Granted.

18/01379 Change of use of Barn to two holiday lets with two-storey side extension.

Pett Bottom Road, Bridge, C44 6EH Waiting decision.

18/01120 Proposed two-storey rear extension and alterations following demolition of existing out buildings. Pett Bottom Road, Bridge, CT4 6EH Registered.


RDR Pest Control have treated the moles on the field. They will inspect the area again in a couple of weeks to check that they have not returned.

It has not been possible to replace the piece of the metal railing that has fallen off the fencing on Neame Meadow. The Clerk will look for someone able to do the repairs.

CCC have done a bin inspection around the village they recommend that they remove the two old bins from the meadow. They will then replace them replace them with one large black bin.


Kent Highways have now put up bollards and reseeded the grass area on the two unofficial lay-bys on Bonny Bush Hill. The lay-bys are now closed off.


It was agreed by all that the best place for the new waste bin would be just outside the entrance to the farm shop and Tadpole tearoom. The Clerk will write to Vanessa McDonald and ask if she would be happy with that.


The Clerk has now found a firm called Hugo Fox recommended by KALC who help parishes with their websites free of charge. They will not manage it but will help with the frame work to set it up. Cllr Rooke offered to deal with it. The Clerk will contact Hugo Fox and let him know and arrange contact for them with Cllr Rooke


Clerk & Councils Direct January2019

Countryside Voice

CPRE Fieldwork

Emails sent to all

Police Crime Report

Community Governance Review

Chief Executive Bulletin

Draft Private Sector Housing Policy

Minutes Annual General Meeting KALC

Kent Minerals & Waste Project

Planning Conference (Tunbridge Wells)

CCC Draft Canterbury District Heritage Strategy

All correspondence has been circulated amongst the Councillors and the necessary action taken.


Cllr Prestige      Nothing to Report

Cllr Rooke        Nothing to Report

Cllr Jordan       KALC- Nothing to report

Cllr Tapley.       Footpaths Nothing to report


There was no further business.

  1. NEXT MEETING The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday, 5th March at 7.50pm in The Conrad Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm