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What is the FiSH Scheme?
The FiSH Scheme is a registered charity operating in Bridge, Patrixbourne, Bekesbourne and Bishopsbourne since 1980.

FiSH volunteers give neighbourly assistance to anyone in need or during times of emergency, particularly the elderly. Many families live far away from each other these days and it is not always possible to give the help needed, and indeed some people do not have families to call upon.

(NB: Don’t worry if the answerphone talks only of transport to medical appointments, the organisers are amending this to cover a wider range of services in the current situation).

Volunteer drivers assist in taking people to appointments and on errands. This could be a hospital or doctors visit, opticians, dentists, etc. Volunteers are paid a small mileage allowance.
If you or a relative/friend/neighbour needs transport, please contact 07935 966080 (leave a message if necessary).

Library service
There is a library book exchange service for those unable to get out easily, organised in conjunction with Canterbury Library Service.

Outings & social events
Several outings are arranged throughout the year. Either a coach tour of the countryside, tea and a visit to the garden centre, or a visit to the theatre. In the past, lunches have been organised in the village hall. Transport for all these is provided when required.

Emergency pot
A small pot of money is also available in unusual or emergency situations. Please contact the FiSH Scheme if you have a suggestion for consideration

Fund raising
On the second Wednesday of each month, a coffee morning is held in the Bridge village hall and is open to all. Often there is a book lending library and supply of knitting materials; any knitted garments can be donated for distribution through the Canterbury Health Centre.

Many volunteers give generously of their time and this support is much appreciated. However we would very much welcome new volunteers.
If you have a small amount of time to spare each month for driving, visiting or volunteering in some small way, please phone co-ordinator Jean Johnson on 01227 766182.

01227 206 272 |



Groundwater quality in East Kent has received a boost after a remote village near Dover was connected to the mains sewage system, thanks to the efforts of Southern Water Services and the Environment Agency.

The village of Snowdown is situated in a source protection zone, which is designed to safeguard drinking water supplies. Yet there was a risk this could have been compromised by a huge septic tank used by all the households in the village.

The tank has now been replaced by a new sewage network with a waste water pumping station that was commissioned in February. It means that polluted water is now being safely transported away and treated appropriately, protecting groundwater and drinking water supplies for future generations.

The Waterbody Improvement Plan (WIP) for the Wingham River recognised that it is possible that groundwater as far away as the former mining settlements of Aylesham and Snowdown, some 8km to the south, may have a negative impact on water quality in the Wingham. The mains drainage scheme for Snowdown was identified as an action in the WIP.

Therefore, this is not only good news for the local groundwater but also for the Wingham River.



Please see the update below from Public Health England for 6 July.

As of 9am on 6 July, 285,768 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK (pillar 1 and 2). As of 5pm on 5 July, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 44,236 have died across all settings. Further information is available here:



  • Our latest weekly surveillance report published 2 July. Also, positive cases from testing in the wider community (also known as pillar 2) at UTLA and LTLA level in England have been added to the daily COVID-19 dashboard. Although this does not affect the total number of cases in England, it shows an increase in the UTLA/ LTLA figures which have previously only included pillar 1.
  • The PHE dashboard can be found here: Our daily reporting includes deaths that have occurred in all settings where there has been a positive COVID-19 test, including hospitals, care homes and the wider community.  The report also includes case rates per 100,000 resident population at lower tier local authority level.
  • NHS test and trace stats for England 11 – 17 June published last week – you can access the data here

Information, advice and guidance


Marketing and communications material

A number of new campaign materials are now available from the PHE Campaign Resource Centre:

Enjoy Summer Safely, a new campaign which aims to inspire the public to begin to get back to the things they have missed whilst following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Social media animations

Social statics

Web banners

Email signatures

Digital screen

Local Authority Toolkit

Local comms pack which includes toolkit overview, matrix planning tool & guide and press handling guide

Posters available to localise (social statics and easy print to come)

Stay Alert to Stay Safe

Social media animations – 1m + messaging and resources with youth focus

Posters: Face coverings and social distance, A3 & A4 high res and low res (PDF)

Social Media Statics: Face coverings and social distance (JPG)

Social Media Animations: Face coverings (MP4)

Radio: 30 radio with bus driver and delivery driver (Wave Sound)

Social media – outdoor guidance: 3 x social static images for Twitter

Stay alert shielding guidance

Social media assets promoting the new shielding guidance are now available from the Campaign Resource Centre.

NHS Test and Trace

Two new radio advertisements are now available from the Campaign Resource Centre.

Posters: Drive through test and self-isolate,  A3 & A4 high res and low res (PDF)

Social Media Statics: Drive through test and self-isolate (JPG)

Social Media Animations: Drive through test and self-isolate (MP4)


Posters: Taste and smell poster, A3 & A4 high res and low res (PDF)

Social Media Statics: Taste and smell (JPG)

Social Media Animations: Symptoms and testing (MP4)

Return to School

Radio: 30s radio ad with Andrea a teacher (Wave Sound)

Leaflets: A5 Q and A leaflet for primary and secondary school

Social media animations: Primary and secondary

For info on the Stay Alert campaign, contact Cabinet Office at

Follow us on Twitter: @PHE_SouthEast

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