Agenda for Meeting 17 March 2020

There will be meeting on Tuesday 17 March 2020 Bishopsbourne Parish Council

at 7.30pm in The Conrad Hall, The Street, Bishopsbourne.

All members of the public are entitled to attend the meeting and are cordially invited by the Council to do so. Time will be set aside prior to the published agenda to enable informal discussion to take place.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Comments from Public
  3. Reports from County Cllr Michael Northey & City Cllr Mike Sole
  4. Acceptance of Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday 7th January 2020
  5. Members’ Interests
  6. Matters Arising from the Minutes Not on agenda
  7. Finance – Balance £12.950.6, Monies Out, Cheques to be signed, Precept, CFF
  8. Planning – CA/19/10371 Proposed sliding gate and support arches to rear of existing “five-barred” entry gate from Woodgate. Mill House, The Old Saw Mill, Woodgate, Bishopsbourne, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 5JL
  9. Highways – Drains for clearance
  10. Flood Awareness – River Update
  11. Neame Meadow – Moles
  12. Placement of Waste Bins – Church Yard & Neame Meadow
  13. Website- Update
  14. Repairs to Notice boards – Update
  15. Broadband – Update
  16. VE Day Celebration Update
  17. Annual Village Meeting
  18. Litter Pick – Details
  19. Village Sign – Maintenance
  20. Correspondence
  21. Councillors Responsibilities
  22. AOB
  23. Date of Next Meeting, 5th May 2020