Agenda for Meeting for 7th July 2020

There will be an online meeting of Bishopsbourne Parish Council on Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 7.30pm

Members of the public are entitled to join into the call and are cordially invited by the Council to do so. Time will be set aside prior to the published agenda to enable informal discussion to take place.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  1. Comments from Public
  1. Reports from County Cllr Michael Northey & City Cllr Mike Sole
  1. Co-option of New Councillor
  1. Acceptance of Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday 7th January 2020
  1. Members’ Interests
  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes Not on agenda
  1. Finance

Monies in

Monies Out

Cheques to be signed

Precept, CFF

          End of year accounts

  1. Planning –

CA/20/01036 Court Lodge Farm Awaiting decision

CA/2/00780 Tudor Cottage GRANTED

  1. Highways – Drains for clearance
  1. Flood Awareness – River Update, Southern Water
  1. Neame Meadow

Playground Inspection

  1. Website- Update
  2. Broadband – Update
  3. Village Sign – Maintenance
  4. Correspondence
  1. Councillors Responsibilities
  1. AOB
  1. Date of Next Meeting, has yet to be arranged

 Val McWilliams – Clerk to the Council